MS Access Hands On Training


Intro to Access

Learn the basics of Microsoft Access. After this 2-hour tutorial, you will be able to create a table, create a query, create a form, and create a report.

Intermediate - Tables and Queries

After completing this 2-hour tutorial, you will be able to create basic tables. Using the table data, you will be able to create a simple query, create a totals query, create a multi-table query, and use a query in a form or report.

Intermediate - Forms and Reports

After taking this 2-hour tutorial, you will be able to create a one table form, create a form with a subform, create a tabular report, and add headers, grouping, and sorting to a report.

Intermediate - Using VBA

If you need to customize your forms and reports, learn how to create and use VBA code. Visual Basic for Applications requires a basic knowledge of programming logic. 2-hour introduction.

Custom Training

If you are the administrator for an Access application, learn how to fix problems and add features. For this 2-hour tutorial, you can provide your own database. Add an enhancement or resolve a nagging problem.


All tutorials above are $95 USD each. Payment via Pay Pal. Tutorials will be performed using Remote Desktop Connection to the customer's PC or GoToMyPC or another connection method. A sample database will be provided for each course. For Custom Training, the customer must supply the database. Maximum 2 persons session.