Do you need Access?

Does your company need an Microsoft Access Application?

If you need an easy way to store employee, customer, sales, customer order entry data, or invoicing data, you may benefit from a Custom Access Application.

Analyze Your Data

Analyzing your data is a key for a successful business. Access can store the data and it can also Analyze The Data. Which orders have been filled? Paid? Which customers 'give' us the most business? What is the 'average days to pay' sorted by customer. Which category of work is most profitable? Access can provide the answers.

How are you storing data now?

Do you store information in QuickBooks, an industry-specific system, or another database? Access can 'access' this data and help organize, report, and query the information.

Who is Mast Consulting, LLC?

We are a Microsoft Access Solutions Provider. Development of Custom Access Applications 20+ years experience. Principal Consultant: Keith Mast. Expert developer, author, and instructor. Local References: RCMA & Associates, Marcho Farms, Brandywine Construction and Management (Phila, PA). Other customers: Sony Entertainment, Heinz Food Services, and Dupont Research.

What is Microsoft Access?

MS Access is part of the MS Office Suite. Most companies already own Access. You can create an Access app for $5K where a larger industry-specific system can cost up to $50K.

Let us help you improve your bottom line!

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